Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Les quatre cents coups" or "What Gerge Lucas Deserves for Re-Editing His Classics"

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This time Hayden is invading world cinema! Francois Truffaut's classic Les quatre cents coups (or The 400 Blows to the ignorant Américain) is the first part of a trilogy about a cute kid who becomes a whiny rule-breaker and eventually a criminal, much like the Star Wars prequel trilogy, only good. Now with some ILM magic, even the best of Truffaut's genius oeuvre can stink as bad as his adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. Mr. Lucas thinks it is in Tuffaut's best artisitc interest to also digitally add this very young Jean-Pierre Léaud to the end of L'amour en fuite. His lawyers expect the Truffaut estate to cooperate.

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