Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Les quatre cents coups" or "What Gerge Lucas Deserves for Re-Editing His Classics"

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This time Hayden is invading world cinema! Francois Truffaut's classic Les quatre cents coups (or The 400 Blows to the ignorant Américain) is the first part of a trilogy about a cute kid who becomes a whiny rule-breaker and eventually a criminal, much like the Star Wars prequel trilogy, only good. Now with some ILM magic, even the best of Truffaut's genius oeuvre can stink as bad as his adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. Mr. Lucas thinks it is in Tuffaut's best artisitc interest to also digitally add this very young Jean-Pierre Léaud to the end of L'amour en fuite. His lawyers expect the Truffaut estate to cooperate.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Stop... Believin' (in the Power of a Hayden Ghost)

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Today on HCRYFE, we move to the realm of Premium Cable TV. The very ending of The Sopranos infuriated many of the viewers on that fateful June night. Some people hated not knowing what happened, some hated the "cop out" feel, some hated that it cut off the awesome Bon Jovi Journey grooves mid-lyric, some just hate the color black, and 5 people enjoyed it (myself and creator, David Chase, included). Now, I bring you an ending that we can all agree is terrible, especially since an angsty ghost totally ruins the mystery, appeal, and slimming effects of solid black.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a terrible meme...

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This week Hayden popped up on the runway at the end of the Bogart/Bergman cinematic juggernaut, Casablanca. He adds a nice taste of terrible emo-esque acting and past-his-prime Lucas overproduction to the cinema's original Bromance scene.

The Original

This is the one by my man George Lucas that started it all.

This adding of Hayden Christensen in post years after the film was made was so epic, that the following blog had to be created to see how this choice would work in other films.